Feb. 4th, 2017

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Dear bingo enthusiasts, it is our pleasure to announce the beginning of Amnesty Mini-Challenges! A noble part of the h/c bingo tradition. We'll be doing four challenges: February, March, April and May. We hope you can join in, and have fun!

The rules for February: if you comment on this post, you get a postage stamp: a 2x2 grid of randomly chosen prompts (for the purposes of this challenge, one of the prompts is always a Wild Card). You then complete and submit one fill that combines all four prompts.


- The deadline for posting your completed fill is March 5th. As long as your submission is in the posting queue while it's March 2nd anywhere in the world, you've finished on time. There are no penalties for defaulting: if you didn't finish your fill on time, it can still be posted during the amnesty period, but it won't bring you the banner and the achievement in the next round.

- The prize for finishing and submitting your story in time is a special achievement for Round 8 and a banner. You can sign up to play even if you didn't participate in Round 7 and/or don't plan to participate in Round 8.

- If you're uncomfortable with writing about sexual trauma and/or abuse based situations, please note that when you sign up so we can give you a postage stamp avoiding these areas altogether. Additionally, you can look at the list of prompts before signing up and veto from one to three prompts that would be triggery/uncomfortable for you to write about. If you need more than three prompts vetoed, please contact the [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo_mod by PM or e-mail and we will do our best to work with you.

- If you received your postage stamp grid and you're absolutely sure you won't be able to work with it, you can request a new postage stamp once during the 24 hours after the original request by commenting in the same thread.

- The warning policy is the same: even if it is in the prompt, you are still required to warn for rape/non-con, dub-con, incest, character death/suicide, graphic self-harm, any type of sexual trauma, any type of child/domestic abuse and any other triggering themes or images. The other warnings are left to your discretion, though we encourage you to warn as fully as possible. When in doubt, please err on the side of caution. If you don't want to warn for something to avoid spoiling the readers, please use greyed-out warnings.

- Remember that all prompts in your stamp don't have to be applied to one character.

Please also check the rules and FAQ for general rules and requirements.

Posting Template

Please title your post "February Challenge: [Title of your submission] and use the following template:

Tagging: your entry should contain the following tags: amnesty: challenges: february, [fandom](s), [medium], [player], [prompt](s), round: 7. If there's no fandom or player tag for you yet, don't worry, we'll add it at the later date. You can only add existing tags.

If you need any clarifications, please e-mail or PM us, or leave a comment to this post with "Question" in the subject line. Have fun!


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