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Author: [livejournal.com profile] backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood/MCU/Merlin
H/C: fever/delirium and forced to face fear

Title: Ghost of my Past
Rating: PG
Warnings: Implied Mpreg, characters returning from the dead
Summary: It's been nine years Earth time since Jack lost Ianto and his grandson and he has returned to start rebuilding Torchwood. What he didn't expect was to meet a ghost from his past.

Only this Ianto Jones is anything but a ghost.

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Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood and slight mention of MCU
H/C:Wildcard: nightmares, homesickness, fighting, Stockholm syndrome
Title:</b> Come Back to Me
Medium: fic
Rating: PG
Warnings: Broken Ianto, depressed Ianto
Summary: Ianto is broken and Jack will do whatever it takes to fix him, even if that means letting him go.

Read it on AO3
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Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood and Legends of Tomorrow
H/C:Deal with demons and serial killers
Warnings: Spoilers for newest episodes of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow
Summary: Rip Hunter had known that he would be taken a big risk when he left the Time Masters to stop Vandal Savage but it had been his risk. He knew that he and his team would be on the run, he just didn’t think that their mission would catch the attention of one other.
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Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood/MCU/Harry Potter
H/C:mistaken identity, mercy killing, dub-con, wild card - taken care of someone

Title: Death's Wrath
Medium: fic
Rating: R
Warnings: Talk of sexual abuse, talk of suicide attempt, talk of kidnapping
Summary: The Master of Death is pissed and Jack learns there is a lot more to Ianto Jones then he first thought.

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Author:[livejournal.com profile] m_findlow
H/C:Interrogation,  Arrest, Unexpected/Difficult Pregnancy,  Blackmail,  Experiments by Evil Scientists  



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Author: [livejournal.com profile] beesandbrews
Fandoms: Torchwood, BBC Sherlock (Crossover)
H/C: tyranny / rebellion, nightmares, tentacles, learning to be loved, family, sacrifice, fever / delirium, hallucinations, skeletons in the closet, theft, slaves, asphyxiation, WILD CARD: attacked by a creature, falsely imprisoned, nervous breakdown, hugs, unrequited pining, broken bones, invisibility, loss of job / income, insomnia, drugged, therapy, rape / non-con, loss of powers
Fills below the cut )
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Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Supernatural, Torchwood
H/C: Apocalypse and estrangement
Title: The First Ember
Medium: fic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Minor canon character death
Summary: The angels wanted humanity destroyed, the Master wanted humanity destroyed neither succeeded, but this time, oh this time shall be different. With a plan to keep the Doctor from returning until a year later it is up to the remaining members of Torchwood and a group of hunters to keep the hope alive. Along the way Torchwood learns there is still much more to Ianto Jones then they know.
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Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood, Supernatural, Supernatural RPF, The Hobbit
H/C: Isolated, Suprise Sexswap and Stranded/Surivial Scenario
Link to your reclist entry: LJ and DW
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[personal profile] celeste9
Author: [livejournal.com profile] celeste9
Fandoms: Buffy, Primeval, Supernatural, MCU, X-Men, Torchwood, Star Trek, Star Wars, Hawaii Five-0, A Song of Ice and Fire
H/C: wings, accepting injury to protect someone, planet destruction

Link to the rec list

May I please have a player tag and a tag for prompt: accepting injury to protect someone?
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Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood, Supernatural and MCU
H/C: Insomnia, forced to partipate in illegal/hurtful activity, serial killers and wild card invisbility
Medium: fic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings:Sick Ianto Jones, Injured Ianto Jones, talk of dying and depression
Summary: Ianto Jones had mastered the impossible being invisible when alien tech was killing him and none of his team noticed. Ianto was willing to accept his fate but his family isn't as willing.

Read it on AO3
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] potentiality_26
Fandoms: Doctor Who/Torchwood, Sherlock, Longmire, Stargate SG-1/SGA, Foyle's War
H/C: apocalypse, blood loss, gaslighting, moving, minor illness

Fills under the cut )

I think I qualify for a Serial Pleasures! Achievement.
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Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood and the Avengers
H/C: Scars, group support, loss of hearing and wild card trust issues

Title: Broken Spirit
Medium: Fic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Past torture and cannibals
Summary: The events of Countrycide ended very differently for Ianto, leaving him damaged in both body and spirit. Torchwood is ready to care for him, but his other family isn't going to let that happen without a fight.

[identity profile] timelordshines.livejournal.com
Author: Timelordshines
Fandoms: Torchwood
H/C: Fighting, Sexual Extortion, Deadline/Time Bomb, Substance Addiction, Boddy/Mind Swap, Drugged, Depression, Stockholm Syndrome, Plane Crash, Comfort Food or Item, Cages, Poisoning, Wild Card - Forced to Hurt Somebody, Caught in a Robbery, Sensory Deprivation, Slaves, Disappearing, Hiding an Injury/Illness, Pneumonia, Trust Issues, Tentacles, Toothache, Head Trauma, Archaic Medical Treatment, Poltergeist.

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] iantojjackh
Fandoms: Doctor Who & Torchwood
H/C prompts : nervous breakdown, shipwrecked, wild card (life-threatening illness), sexual extortion, mistaken identity

Onto the fills )
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood/Harry Potter
H/C: Scars, bruises, assault

Title: Starting Anew
Meduim: Fic
Rating: R
Summary: After the war Draco needed a fresh start, one free from his past and to do that, he ended up seeking out an old friend who could help him adjust to the muggle world. He just never counted on finding something that’s even stranger and more dangerous than the magical world or his old life clashing into his new one.
For the h/c bingo card April challenge


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