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Author: [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook
Fandoms: Doctor Who, The Forsyte Saga, Multifandom, Original fiction.
H/C: attacked by a creature, unrequited pining, hugs, robots/androids, comfort food or item/feeding someone, rejection, bruises, lost childhood, broken bones.

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] jesseofthenorth
Fandoms: The Avengers (all media types), Secret Avengers, Hawkeye Comics
H/C: Lacerations and knife wounds, Head Trauma, Bruises, Hostile Climate, Amnesia

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] irishvampire13
Fandoms: Doctor Who
H/C: Hostile climate, bruises, blackmail, wings, invisibility, motion sickness, loss of powers, nightmares, natural disasters, dungeons, loss of hearing, hospital stay, surgery, loss of job/income, nervous breakdown, forced to rely on enemy/rival, fall from grace, brainwashing/deprogramming, witch hunt, theft, CPR/rescue breathing, accept injury to protect someone, toothache, apocalypse, deadline/time bomb (Wild Card).

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Achievements: Serial Pleasures! achievement; Steadfast achievement.
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] fairyniamh
Fandoms: Random, Supernatural RPF, Harry Potter, No Fandom, Daredevil (Netflix)
H/C: Group Support, Assault, Free Space (Chemo/Cancer), Bruises, Loss of Vision

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Author: Tarlan ([livejournal.com profile] tarlanx)
Fandoms: Blade Trinity, Blood Ties, Centurion, Century Hotel, Dead Men Can't Dance, Eureka, Ferocious Planet, Haven, Jade, Morlocks, Navy SEALs, Rage of Yeti, Riddick (Movies), Stargate Atlantis, Warehouse 13
H/C: apocalypse, backrubs/massages, brainwashing/deprogramming, combat, corporal punishment, CPR/rescue breathing, depression, explosion, fever/delirium, first transformation, grief, homesickness, hostages, job-related trauma, kidnapping, loss of job/income, moving, mutation, pneumonia, possession/mind control, prostitution, septicemia/infected wounds, skeletons in the closet, toothache, unconsciousness

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Nov. 15th, 2015 07:35 pm
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Player: Darth Firefly
Bingo: Cross (9 fics)
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Supernatural
Warnings: Minor non-con, dub con, violence, child abuse
Prompts: Arrest, Forced Soulbonding, Wild Card: Lost Childhood, Invisiblity, Family, Bruises, Forced Marriage, Amnesia, Humiliation

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[identity profile] bewareofdragons.livejournal.com
Author: bewareofdragons
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica, Primeval, Sherlock (BBC), Stargate: Atlantis, The Walking Dead (TV)
H/C: Bruises, Toothache, Therapy, Whipping/Flogging, WILD CARD:Protecting/Losing a precious object

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[identity profile] peppermint-wow.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] peppermint_wow
Fandoms: Star Trek AOS
H/C: Forced To Rely On Enemy/Rival, Assault, Hostages, Wild Card (Bruises)

Title: Where The Wild Things Are
Medium: Fic
Rating: R
Warnings: angst, dark, OC deaths, starvation, violence
Summary: Jim huffed a rueful laugh and thunked his head back against the earthen wall, closing his eyes. Another away mission gone awry. What else was new?
[identity profile] honor-reid.livejournal.com
Author: honor_reid
Fandoms: Murdoch Mysteries
H/C: Bruises

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[identity profile] jennytork.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] jennytork
Fandoms: Supernatural, Stargate: Atlantis
H/C: bruises, insomnia, wild card (loss of voice), trapped together, wings

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[identity profile] taste-is-sweet.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] taste_is_sweet
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe
H/C: Bruises; Electrocution; Taking Care of Somebody/Someone; Grief; Forced to Hurt Somebody

(Please note that the above is order of the prompts on the card, but I've listed the fills below in correct order of series sequence.)

Filled by Heroes, Agents and Villains )Mods: I believe I also qualify for the Steadfast achievement and the One-and-Only achievement. Thank you!
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] frith_in_thorns
Fandoms: White Collar, Fallen London, October Daye
H/C: counseling, de-age, magical trouble, apocalypse, poisoning, branding, captivity, tyranny/rebellion, loss of home/shelter, bruises, hugs, stalkers, smoke inhalation (wild card), accidental mating for life, body image issues, arrest, nightmares, hospital stay, accidents, suicide attempt, food poisoning, PTSD, broken bones, cuddling, caught in a robbery

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[identity profile] severina2001.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] severina2001
Fandoms: Oz / The Walking Dead
H/C: loss of possessions, bruises

Title: A Place to Call Home
Medium: Fic
Rating: R
Warnings: Merle is a homophobe. His views are not mine.
Summary: In the midst of the apocalypse, Chris and Toby find the survivors at the quarry. Toby thinks they may have found a home. Chris has other plans.

A Place to Call Home

Mod: I need a tag for "fandom: oz"
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] severina2001
Fandoms: Dark Harbor
H/C: bruises - wings - cursed - restrained
Title: Broken
Medium: Fanfic
Rating: R
Warnings: n/a
Summary: Because it is always easier to believe the lie. Always easier to take the open path than it is to beat wings against the glass.

[identity profile] osprey-archer.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] osprey_archer
Fandoms: Les Miserables (2012), The Lost Prince - Frances Hodgson Burnett, Les Miserables - Victor Hugo, The Eagle of the Ninth - Rosemary Sutcliff, Frontier Wolf - Rosemary Sutcliff
H/C: bruises, drugged, wild card (learning to be loved), restrained, death

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[identity profile] anassa-anemou.livejournal.com
Author: anassa_anemou
Fandom: Teen Wolf, Avengers, Thor, Norse Mythology, Greek Mythology, Hannibal, Harry Potter, Go On, Original, The Dark Knight - Batman’s Nolan Triology, Star Trek, One Direction, Deadpool(Marvel Comics), X-Men First Class, Merlin, Sukerpunch, Naruto, Glee, 30 seconds to Mars RPF, Smallville, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, RPF Adam Lambert, Sherlock BBC,
Prompt: tentacles, surgery,unconsciousness,body image issues,love spell / potion gone wrong,shipwrecked,body / mindswap,group support, phobias,food poisoning,exhaustion,post-traumatic stress disorder,WILD CARD - bruises,WILD CARD - brainwashing, isolation,hallucinations, amnesia, cursed, serial killers, attacked by a creature,archaic medical treatment,bullet wounds, rape / non-con, combat, broken bones, trust issues,

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood/Harry Potter
H/C: Scars, bruises, assault

Title: Starting Anew
Meduim: Fic
Rating: R
Summary: After the war Draco needed a fresh start, one free from his past and to do that, he ended up seeking out an old friend who could help him adjust to the muggle world. He just never counted on finding something that’s even stranger and more dangerous than the magical world or his old life clashing into his new one.
For the h/c bingo card April challenge


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