[identity profile] deinonychus-1.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] deinonychus_1
Fandoms: Atlantis
H/C: Bodyguards, Mercy Killing, Forced Marriage, Forced to Rely on Enemy/Rival, Robots/Androids, Mutation, Atonement, Attacked by a Creature, Cages, First Transformation, Confessions in a Desperate Situation

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[identity profile] casey270.livejournal.com
Author: casey270
Fandoms: RPF(Tommy Joe Ratliff)/Hannibal
H/C: cages, counseling

Title: The Caged Bird's Song
Medium: fic
Rating: Mature
Warnings: forced confinement
Summary: Hannibal knows that exquisite beauty can grow out of pain.
[identity profile] redrikki.livejournal.com
Author: Redrikki
Famdoms: Star Wars, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels
H/C: begging, culture shock, cages, surprise pregnancy, gas lighting, electrocution

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[identity profile] deinonychus-1.livejournal.com
Author: deinonychus_1
Fandoms: Atlantis
H/C: Isolation, Cages, Head Trauma, Cursed (wild card)

Title: Cursed
Medium: art
Rating: G
Warnings: Character death
Summary: Medusa's fate was entirely undeserved
jerusha: (Default)
[personal profile] jerusha
Author: [livejournal.com profile] enigmaticblues
Fandoms: Agents of SHIELD, Marvel Cinematic Universe, NCIS, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Eureka, Supernatural, The Sentinel, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
H/C: serial killers, invisibility, WILD CARD (substance addiction), runaways, skeletons in the closet, broken bones, cages, explosion, dystopia

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[personal profile] nywcgirl
Author: NYWCgirl
Fandom: White Collar
Medium: fic
H/C: dissapearing, drugged, crucifixion, telepathic trauma, forced to participate in illegal/furtful activity, septicemia/infected wounds, stranded/survival scenario, cages, bites, pandemics and epidemics, corporal punishment, fire, Wild card = , loss of hearing, loss of job/income, alien abduction, imprisonment, confession in desperate situation, scars, possession/mind control, grief, on the run, accidents, protecting/losing precious object, hostile climate

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clocketpatch: A small, innocent-looking red alarm clock, stuck forever at 10 to 7. (insane)
[personal profile] clocketpatch
Artist: Clocketpatch
Fandoms: Original
H/C Prompts: self-harm, forced body modification, forced to participate in illegal/hurtful activity, planet destruction, healers, bodyguards, hugs, panic attack, suicide attempt, loss of voice, counselling, experiments by evil scientists, major illness or injury, begging, dungeons, minor illness or injury, lost childhood, serial killers, fall from grace, cages, hypothermia, unwanted transformation, burns, arrest, wildcard: atonement
Achievements: Tune In and Single Media Bingo

Title: The Tragic Tale of Sad Bird the Sad Bird (All fills gathered together)
Fandom: original
Prompt: all listed above
Medium: art
Rating: PG
Warnings: graphic violence, self-harm, attempted suicide, minor character death, general unpleasantness, terrible crayon drawings
[identity profile] clea2011.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] clea2011
Fandoms: Atlantis (BBC)
H/C: Cages
Title: Icarus Descending
Medium: fic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: Icarus had thought it was a stupid plan, but both his father and Pythagoras had been so confident. It looked as if they'd got away with it.  And then the soldiers arrived.  Icarus pov for missing scenes after 2.09 through to about 2.11.
Word Count: 3548
Disclaimer:Atlantis is owned by the BBC. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made. Don't send us to the dungeons.

Read it here on A03

( Or here on Live Journal )
[identity profile] inmh.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] inmh
Fandoms: Spooks/MI5 (Not a crossover; Same show, different names)
H/C: Wild Card (Torture), Brainwashing, Cages, Witch Hunt

Title: Cracks
Medium: Fic
Rating: R/M
Warnings: Mild to Moderately Descriptive Physical/Psychological Torture, Suicidal Thoughts/Mention of Suicide Attempts, and Strong Language.
Summary: Lucas cracks and cracks and cracks but never completely breaks.
Note: Probably should have mentioned this in-fic but I kind of used "cages" in the sense of being trapped/imprisoned/stuck in one place, so the word/physical item is not used in the fic so much as the concept of being "caged" is (idk it was a little more ambiguous than the others).
[identity profile] timelordshines.livejournal.com
Author: Timelordshines
Fandoms: Torchwood
H/C: Fighting, Sexual Extortion, Deadline/Time Bomb, Substance Addiction, Boddy/Mind Swap, Drugged, Depression, Stockholm Syndrome, Plane Crash, Comfort Food or Item, Cages, Poisoning, Wild Card - Forced to Hurt Somebody, Caught in a Robbery, Sensory Deprivation, Slaves, Disappearing, Hiding an Injury/Illness, Pneumonia, Trust Issues, Tentacles, Toothache, Head Trauma, Archaic Medical Treatment, Poltergeist.

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[personal profile] sapphire2309
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sapphire2309
Fandoms: White Collar
H/C: Minor illness, cages, corporal punishment, wings, amnesia

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elrhiarhodan: (Default)
[personal profile] elrhiarhodan
Author: [livejournal.com profile] elrhiarhodan
Fandoms: White Collar (crossover with The West Wing, crossover with Grimm)
H/C: hostages , theft , forced to face fear, humiliation, hunger / starvation, stranded / survival scenario, hallucinations, forced to participate in illegal / hurtful activity, combat , sexual extortion, cages, blood loss, Wild Card Prompt - Gun Shot Wound, nausea, hospital stay, loss of home / shelter, drugged, sex pollen, hugs, broken bones, arena, apocalypse, abandonment issues, taking care of somebody, loss of identity,

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[identity profile] seratonation.livejournal.com
Author: Seratonation
Fandoms: The Avengers MCU/Mixed Media
H/C: motion sickness, major illness, captivity, cages, medication

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Steadfast achievement: Each fill in a bingo is completed in the same fandom.

Tune In achievement: Each fill in a bingo is a part of interconnected series.
[identity profile] arsenicjade.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade
Fandoms: Avengers (2012), Harry Potter, Leverage
H/C: branding, rape/non-con, whipping, cages and cuddling for warmth

I just want to add a shout out to every person who sponsored one of these squares. Together, this bingo raised $150 toward the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. You guys are awesome!

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[identity profile] u-evangeline.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] u_evangeline
Fandoms: Revenge, Sookie Stackhouse Novels, The Hunger Games, Arata Kangatari, Vampire Knight, Fairy Tail, Naruto, Harry Potter, A Song Of Ice And Fire, Once Upon a Time, Greek Mythology, Card Captor Sakura
H/C: Learning to be loved, Arrest, Surgery, Orphans, Pneumonia, Cages, Accidents, Hunger/Starvation, Suicide attempt, Hypothermia, Nightmares, Taking care of somebody, Wild Card (Comfort food), Fall from grace, Witch hunt, Insomnia, Minor ilness, Sensory deprivation, Captivity, Hiding an injury/ilness, Loss of identity, Loss of hearing, Dub-con, Body/mind swap, Unexpected Pregnancy.
Card: My First One

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[identity profile] inmh.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] inmh
Fandoms: Silent Hill: Downpour
H/C: Drowning, Cages, Hospital Stay, Wild Card (Theft)

Title: Plunge
Medium: Fic
Rating: R/M
Warnings: Major Downpour Spoilers, Strong Language, Suicidal themes and References to Child Rape/Murder.
Summary: Murphy’s descent.
[identity profile] iavalir.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] iavalir (My card) (note: may need a new player tag)
Fandoms: Silmarillion, Original
H/C: cages, first transformation, substance addiction, asphyxiation, fire

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[identity profile] taste-is-sweet.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] taste_is_sweet
Fandoms: Stargate: Atlantis; Hawaii 5-0; Original Fiction
H/C: Cages; Ostracized from Society; Forced to Participate in Illegal/Hurtful Activity; Poltergeist; Hospital Stay

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[identity profile] morrezela.livejournal.com

Author: Morrezela
Fandoms: Supernatural and Supernatural RPF
H/C: Hazing, homesickness, taking care of somebody, trapped between realities, drowning, broken bones, wild card (ostracizement from society), nausea, food poisoning, accidental mating for life, explosion, planet destruction, cages, de-age, torture, attacked by a creature, cuddling, forced to rely on enemy/rival, mindswap, learning to be loved, body image issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, captivity, arrest, brainwashing

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