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Author: Yassandra4
Title: A Little Problem
Fandom: Atlantis (BBC)
Prompt: De-Age
Medium: Fic
Wordcount: 25317
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Summary: A routine mission away from the Argo goes awry when Hercules makes a mistake and triggers a curse. Now he's left with a little problem - well, two little problems really...
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Author: NYWCgirl
Fandoms: Whiet collar
H/C: eating disorder, coma, de-age, wild card (slavery)

Title: Take over control
Medium: fic
Rating: NC-13
Warnings: implied non-con
Summary: Neal is in an accident, something happens during his recovery that makes him rethink the way he thinks about his Masters. 

Story can be found on AO3 or LJ.
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] taste_is_sweet
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe; Star Wars: The Force Awakens; Original Work
Bingo: Protecting/Losing Precious object Person; Motion Sickness; De-Age; Toothache; Atonement
Extras: Accidental Mating for Life; Magical Trouble; Forced to Face Fear; Blood Loss

It's all right, only some of them might bite you. )
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] faye_dartmouth

Fandoms: Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men Days of Future Past, Thor, Avengers, Parks and Recreation, Chaos, Primeval, Sherlock, Transformers 4, Magnificent Seven, Agents of SHIELD, Star Trek Enterprise

Prompts: broken bones, restrained, assault, substance addiction, loss of job/income, severe illness, dystopia, on the run, stranded/survival, mutation, rejection, homesickness, wild, sacrifice, lost childhood, hallucinations, attacked by creature, confession in desperate situation, phobias, septicemia, serial killers, apocalypse, de age, coma, learning to be loved

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] frith_in_thorns
Fandoms: White Collar, Fallen London, October Daye
H/C: counseling, de-age, magical trouble, apocalypse, poisoning, branding, captivity, tyranny/rebellion, loss of home/shelter, bruises, hugs, stalkers, smoke inhalation (wild card), accidental mating for life, body image issues, arrest, nightmares, hospital stay, accidents, suicide attempt, food poisoning, PTSD, broken bones, cuddling, caught in a robbery

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Author: Niki
Fandoms: NCIS, Mass Effect
H/C: Confession in a Desperate Situation, De-Age

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] ladyoneill
Fandoms: Teen Wolf
H/C: comfort food or item, panic attacks, secret identity discovered, moving, loss of possessions, de-age, crucifixion, electrocution, family, hugs, imprisonment, exhaustion, fighting, isolation, sacrifice, runaways

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] inmh
Fandoms: Smallville, Contagion, Silent Hill (2006 Film), Glee, Batman (Comics), Batman (Nolanverse), Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Iron Man (Comics), House M.D., The Hunger Games, Young Justice, Naruto, Heavy Rain, The Vampire Diaries, Rule of Rose
H/C: Hostile Climate, Fire, Tyranny/Rebellion, Orphans, Group Support, Comfort Food/Food Item, First Transformation, Sacrifice, Tentacles, Attacked by a Creature, Motion Sickness, Stranded/Survival Scenario, Wild Card (Rejection), Poisoning, Substance Addiction, Eating Disorders, Love Spell/Love Potion Gone Wrong, Pandemics and Epidemics, Nightmares, Loss of Identity, Deprogramming, Time-Travel Gone Wrong, Heat Stroke, De-Age, Panic Attacks

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Author: Morrezela
Fandoms: Supernatural and Supernatural RPF
H/C: Hazing, homesickness, taking care of somebody, trapped between realities, drowning, broken bones, wild card (ostracizement from society), nausea, food poisoning, accidental mating for life, explosion, planet destruction, cages, de-age, torture, attacked by a creature, cuddling, forced to rely on enemy/rival, mindswap, learning to be loved, body image issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, captivity, arrest, brainwashing

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Bingo: Vertical line
Fandoms: X-Men First Class, The Hour, Grimm, Merlin, Suits
H/C: Trust issues, cuddling, magical issues, de-age, broken bones

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Fandoms:White Collar, Stargate SG1
HurtComfort bites, rejection, self-harm, hospital stay, de-aged, septicemia, death, kidnapping, interrogation, mutation, first transformation, whippingflogging, forced soulbounding, scars
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] gala_apples
Fandoms: bandom
H/C: making deals with demons, zombie apocalypse, insomnia, pandemics and epidemics, loss of identity, accidents, captivity, first transformation, bruises, food poisoning, falling, cuddling for warmth, lost childhood, hostages, magical trouble, de-age, theft, telepathic trauma, surgery, dungeons, suicide attempt, isolation, toothache, hostile climate, loss of voice

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author: [livejournal.com profile] purple_carpets
fandom: Supernatural
HC: Cuddling for Warmth, Group Support, Burns, Wings, Combat, Runaways, PTSD, Cuddling, Archaic Medical Treatment, Trust Issues, Homesickness, Bodyguards, Wild Card, Trapped Between Realities, Humiliation, Asphyxiation, Rejection, De-Age, Grief, Falsely Imprisoned, Stranded/Survival Scenario, Minor Illness, First Transformation, Hiding an Illness/Injury, Secret Identity Discovered

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