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Author: [livejournal.com profile] celeste9
Fandoms: Star Wars
H/C: job-related trauma, undeserved reputation, bullet wounds, hugs, haunted, learning to be loved, protection

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] respoftw
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis
H/C: Wildcard: Forgiveness, Accidents, Begging, Job-related Trauma

Title: Forgiveness
Medium: Fic
Rating: G
Warnings: possibly alcohol abuse
Summary: "Stop," he pleaded. "Don't. You're not supposed to forgive me. I'm not supposed to be let off. Please don't forgive me. Please."

Read it on AO3
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] heatherofnight
Fandoms: Teen Wolf
H/C: Robots/Androids, Medication, Rape/Non-con, Possession/Mind Control, Taking Care of Somebody, CPR/Rescue breathing, Cursed, Electrocution, Hostile Climate, Purgatory, Difficult/Unexpected pregnancy, Loss of voice, Soulbonding, Surgery, Job related trauma, Fighting, Brain washing/deprogramming, Mercy killing, Gaslighting, Imprisonment, Survivor’s Guilt, Falsely Imprisoned, Loss of vision, Forced body modification, Rejection.

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] faye_dartmouth
Fandoms: Leverage, Iron Man (MCU), Captain America (MCU), Poldark, Star Trek (reboot), The Flash (tv), Chaos, X-Men (movieverse), A-Team (movie), Serenity/Firefly, Primeval, The Librarians, The Magnificent Seven (tv), The Musketeers
H/C: WILD, head trauma, magical trouble, Rejection, side effects, Dungeons, hiding an injury/illness, Bites, Humiliation, trapped together, Fighting, Isolation, heart attack/heart trouble, panic attacks, Counseling, brainwashing/deprogramming, Blood loss, broken bones, taking care of someone, hospital stay, vehicle crash, Homesickness, Amnesia, job related trauma, confession in a desperate situation

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] inmh
Fandoms: X-Men (Cinematic Universe), Assassin’s Creed, Star Trek (AOS), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Gotham, In Bruges, Fright Night (2011), Chronicles of Narnia
Prompts: job-related trauma, hiding an injury/illness, comfort food/item or feeding someone, homesickness, substance addiction, body image issues, falsely imprisoned, forbidden love, magical trouble, nausea, pneumonia, arena, ostracized from society, loss of powers, difficult or unexpected pregnancy, runaways, wild card, tyranny/rebellion, crucifixion, body/mind-swap, food poisoning, loss of vision, bullet wounds, torture, post-traumatic stress disorder

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Mods, I’m aiming for The Longest Journey achievement, my word count for this card (as calculated by AO3, plus a little of my own math since I had to add the one Meta fill I did manually) comes to

86,376 words

Could I also please get the tags fandom: in bruges, fandom: fright night (2011), fandom: assassin's creed?
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Author: Tarlan ([livejournal.com profile] tarlanx)
Fandoms: Blade Trinity, Blood Ties, Centurion, Century Hotel, Dead Men Can't Dance, Eureka, Ferocious Planet, Haven, Jade, Morlocks, Navy SEALs, Rage of Yeti, Riddick (Movies), Stargate Atlantis, Warehouse 13
H/C: apocalypse, backrubs/massages, brainwashing/deprogramming, combat, corporal punishment, CPR/rescue breathing, depression, explosion, fever/delirium, first transformation, grief, homesickness, hostages, job-related trauma, kidnapping, loss of job/income, moving, mutation, pneumonia, possession/mind control, prostitution, septicemia/infected wounds, skeletons in the closet, toothache, unconsciousness

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Author: lanalucy
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
H/C: job-related trauma, skeletons in the closet, crucifixion, friendship overtures (wild card)
Title: Cold Comfort
Medium: fic
Rating: PG/T
Warnings: no warnings
Summary: Starbuck tries to save Apollo, again, and everything goes to Tartarus.
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In under the wire!

Author: Trojie ( LJ: [livejournal.com profile] agenttrojie, AO3: Trojie)
Fandoms: Supernatural, Inception, X-Men: First Class, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Avengers
H/C hospital stay, head trauma, hallucinations, deadline/time bomb, prostitution, body/mindswap, waterboarding, suicide attempt, depression, sensory deprivation, falling, invisibility, atonement, lost childhood, arrest, nervous breakdown, first transformation, abandonment issues, branding, brainwashing, difficult pregnancy, bodyguards, imprisonment, loss of voice, job-related trauma

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Total wordcount (for the Longest Journey achievement): 59,909 words
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] claraoswwin
Fandoms: The Following
H/C: job related trauma

Title: Afterwards
Medium: fic
Rating: PG
Warnings: Major spoilers, job-related trauma, alcoholism
Summary: After Joe Carroll and his cult were taken down, things were supposed to go back to normal, but after being tortured and nearly killed, Mike Weston needed help getting back on track.
[identity profile] measuringlife.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] measuringlife
Fandoms: Off, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fire Emblem 9/10, 9 Persons 9 Doors 9 Hours, Pokemon, Naruto, TF2,
h/C: nausea, exhaustion, wildcard (family), homesickness, hugs, job-related trauma, panic attacks, minor illness, telepathic trauma, confession in a dangerous situation, learning to be loved

Dear mods, I need some fandom tags.

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] embroiderama
Fandoms: Supernatural, White Collar
H/C: job related trauma

Title: Soldiers Always Find a War
Medium: fic
Wordcount: 2,800
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Summary: John Winchester wasn't too happy about going on a hunt that centered on an FBI agent's house, but it all got a little more interesting when he realized that he'd met the man before--many years before.

( Fifteen years of hunting under his belt, John should've remembered that the simplest cases could take the worst turns. )
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] meatball42
Fandoms Written: Doctor Who x1, Firefly x1, Leverage x1, NCIS x1, RPF/Meta x1, Sherlock x1, Torchwood x3. Recced: See below.
H/C: Insomnia, Abandonment issues, Surprise sexswap, Phobias, Electrocution, Restrained, Sacrifice, Lost childhood, Septicemia/Infected wounds, Theft, Parting ways, Nightmares, Wild Card: Trust Issues, Sex pollen, Panic attacks, Lacerations/Knife wounds, Group support, Sensory deprivation, Imprisonment, Unwanted transformation, Loss of identity, Difficult pregnancy, Magical trouble, Cuddling for warmth, Depression.

Link to my Bingo Card.
The benchmarks are Even the Most Rambling Paths Leads to Rome (10k+) and Love on the Campus of Dragons 10k+)

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Mods, could I please have fandom tags for Jeeves and Wooster and Royal Pains? :)
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Author: rinkafic
 Stargate Atlantis,   Full Metal Alchemist,   Firefly,   Farscape,   Star Trek TOS,   Harry Potter,   Xena, Dogma,   Marvel Movies,   Stargate Universe
H/C:  Job-Related Trauma,  Suicide Attempt,  Surgery,  Loss of limb/limb function,  Homesickness,  Apocalypse,  Love spell/potion gone wrong,  Phobias,  Asphyxiation,  Hallucinations,  Possession/mind control,  Theft,  Cuddling,  Orphans,  Accident,  Wings,  Fall from grace,  Atonement,  Sex pollen,  Planet destruction,  Bullet wounds,  Headaches/migraines,  Panic attacks,  trust issues,  Fire,  Sacrifice,  Forced to hurt someone,  Explosion,  Restrained

Live Journal keeps eating part of this post, the clean copy is on my Dreamwidth journal.

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Author: TheUn4givables
Fandoms: Original Fiction, Cliffton
H/C: death, restrained (wild card), runaways, job-related trauma, hugs

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