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Author: [livejournal.com profile] inmh
Fandoms: Assassin’s Creed (2016 Movie)
H/C: Taking Care of Somebody, Forced to Face Fear

Title: Transition Phase
Medium: Fic
Rating: R/M
Warnings: Strong Language, Blood/Serious Injury.
Summary: A snap-shot into the fallout from the rebellion in the Madrid complex. It’s ugly.
[identity profile] polomonkey.livejournal.com
Author: Polomonkey
Fandoms: Merlin, Humans, Endeavour, Sherlock
H/C: secret identity discovered, trapped together, taking care of somebody, heart attack/heart trouble, self-harm, loss of voice, first transformation, head trauma, alien abduction

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Author: Ivory_Angel99
Fandoms: Supernatural, Magnificent Seven, Dark Angel, DC Super Hero Girls, Suicide Squad, Z Nation, Lost Girl, Moonlight, Vampire High, From Paris With Love, Underworld
H/C: Loss of Possessions, Body Image Issues, Sacrifice, Lost Childhood, Forced to Hurt Somebody, Hospital Stay, Pneumonia, Tentacles, Taking Care of Somebody, Alien Abduction, Head Trauma, Shipwrecked, WILD CARD (Blood Loss), Comfort Food or Item/Feeding Someone, Atonement, Headaches/Migraines, Electrocution, Apocalypse, Fire, Drugged, Hypoglycemia/Low Blood Sugar, Pandemics and Epidemics, Unconsciousness, Fighting, Arrest

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[identity profile] heatherofnight.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] heatherofnight
Fandoms: Teen Wolf
H/C: Robots/Androids, Medication, Rape/Non-con, Possession/Mind Control, Taking Care of Somebody, CPR/Rescue breathing, Cursed, Electrocution, Hostile Climate, Purgatory, Difficult/Unexpected pregnancy, Loss of voice, Soulbonding, Surgery, Job related trauma, Fighting, Brain washing/deprogramming, Mercy killing, Gaslighting, Imprisonment, Survivor’s Guilt, Falsely Imprisoned, Loss of vision, Forced body modification, Rejection.

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[identity profile] faye-dartmouth.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] faye_dartmouth
Fandoms: Leverage, Iron Man (MCU), Captain America (MCU), Poldark, Star Trek (reboot), The Flash (tv), Chaos, X-Men (movieverse), A-Team (movie), Serenity/Firefly, Primeval, The Librarians, The Magnificent Seven (tv), The Musketeers
H/C: WILD, head trauma, magical trouble, Rejection, side effects, Dungeons, hiding an injury/illness, Bites, Humiliation, trapped together, Fighting, Isolation, heart attack/heart trouble, panic attacks, Counseling, brainwashing/deprogramming, Blood loss, broken bones, taking care of someone, hospital stay, vehicle crash, Homesickness, Amnesia, job related trauma, confession in a desperate situation

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Author: Yassandra4
Title: Everything Else In Between
Fandom: Atlantis
Prompt: Taking care of somebody
Medium: Fic
Wordcount: 18971
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Jason never asked to be thrust into Atlantis and separated from the world he grew up in. Set adrift in a strange time and place that he doesn't understand, reality bites and bites hard. They say that grief comes in five stages. Fortunately for Jason he has Pythagoras to help him through them.

A story told through a series of conversations between two friends.

[identity profile] clea2011.livejournal.com
Author: Clea2011
Fandoms: Merlin (BBC)
H/C: runaways, Loss of vision, cursed, forbidden love, tyranny/rebellion, natural disasters, telepathic trauma, taking care of somebody

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[identity profile] backrose-17.livejournal.com
Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood/MCU/Harry Potter
H/C:mistaken identity, mercy killing, dub-con, wild card - taken care of someone

Title: Death's Wrath
Medium: fic
Rating: R
Warnings: Talk of sexual abuse, talk of suicide attempt, talk of kidnapping
Summary: The Master of Death is pissed and Jack learns there is a lot more to Ianto Jones then he first thought.

[identity profile] ivory-angel99.livejournal.com
Author: Ivory_Angel99
Fandoms: Dark Angel
H/C: Fever/Delirium, Deadline/Timebomb, Taking Care of Somebody, Wild Card (Torture)

Title: In the Wake of Madness
Medium: Fic
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Torture, Abuse, Blood and Gore, Major Injuries, Physical and Psychological Trauma, Self-Harm, Suicide Attempt, Nervous Breakdown, PTSD, Eating Disorders, Body Image Issues, Depression, Drugged, Kidnapping, Captivity, Scars, Temporary Amnesia, Mild Sexual Content, Language

Summary: Ames has a knack for saving Alec’s life, and no one can rightfully blame the transgenic if he can’t help but hang around for something to come to light.
[identity profile] narlth.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] narlth
Fandoms: Merlin, Humans
H/C: comfort food or item / feeding someone, backrubs / massages, loss of vision, hypothermia, loss of home / shelter, taking care of somebody

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[identity profile] thecrazyalaskan.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] thecrazyalaskan
Fandom(s): Axis Powers Hetalia, Mystery Skulls Ghost, Steven Universe, The Book of Life
H/C: Stranded / Survival Scenario, Taking Care of Somebody, Pandemics / Epidemics, Trust Issues, Confession in a Desperate Situation
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Tags needed for Fandom: Steven Universe and Fandom: Mystery Skulls Ghost. Thank you! 
[identity profile] polomonkey.livejournal.com
Author: Polomonkey
Fandoms: Merlin, Humans
H/C: forced to participate in illegal/hurtful activity, dungeons, medication, body/mindswap, forced to hurt somebody, tyranny/rebellion, counselling, taking care of somebody, survivor's guilt

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[personal profile] kanarek13
Author: kanarek13
Fandom: White Collar
Medium: art
H/C: telepathic trauma, forced to participate in illegal/furtful activity, sensory deprivation, falling, septicemia/infected wounds, sex pollen, dungeons, theft, tyranny/rebellion, hunger/starvation, loss of identity, mistaken identity, wild card, trapped together, protecting/losing a precious object, healers, taking care of somebody, rape/non-con, body/mindswap, electrocution, serial killers, surgery, abuse, therapy, planet destruction

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Author: alessandriana
Fandoms: Emelan - Tamora Pierce
H/C: Burns, Taking Care of Somebody

Title: spark a blaze and burn higher
Medium: Fic
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Briar tries to be a hero. It doesn't go so well.

Mods, can I please get a player and fandom tag for this?
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Title: the space inside ourselves
Author: [livejournal.com profile] alessandriana
Fandom: Young Avengers
Prompts: torture, hunger/starvation, dungeons, (wildcard) taking care of someone
Warnings: Discussion of intentional starvation/hunger strike
Summary: It's not a party until you've been captured by Hydra.
[identity profile] ivory-angel99.livejournal.com
Author: Ivory_Angel99
Fandoms: Dark Angel
H/C: Phobias, Loss of Possessions, Trust Issues, Wild Card (Taking Care of Somebody)

Title: Therapy for My Broken Soul
Medium: Fic
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Strong Language, Sexual Content, Some Abuse/Torture, Blood and Gore, Dubcon, Depression, Eating Disorders, Minor Body Image Issues.

Summary: Ames knows his life is over, he knew it the moment Alec showed up on the doorstep of his shabby apartment, resigned to be Ames’ punching bag. With the government and the Conclave hunting Ames down, and with the transgenic seemingly close to death’s door for no conceivable reason, Ames drags the two of them out on the road. While the road trip is the getaway that leads to the rest of their lives, what they learn about each other along the way proves far more valuable than either could have imagined.
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[personal profile] celeste9
Author: [livejournal.com profile] celeste9
H/C: head trauma, nausea, hugs, wild card (taking care of someone)

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Mods, I still don't have a player tag, could I have one please?
[identity profile] coraliance.livejournal.com
Author: musiquetta (AO3) / coraliance
Fandoms: Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Lord of the Rings, Young Avengers
H/C: list of prompts written: arrest, ostracised from society, taking care of somebody, wild card (witch hunt), broken bones

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[identity profile] taste-is-sweet.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] taste_is_sweet
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe
H/C: Bruises; Electrocution; Taking Care of Somebody/Someone; Grief; Forced to Hurt Somebody

(Please note that the above is order of the prompts on the card, but I've listed the fills below in correct order of series sequence.)

Filled by Heroes, Agents and Villains )Mods: I believe I also qualify for the Steadfast achievement and the One-and-Only achievement. Thank you!


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