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Reccer: sheron
Fandoms: MCU, Marvel 616 and related fandom universes
H/C: therapy, nervous breakdown, combat

All recs are Steve Rogers/Tony Stark because this is me.

Recs )
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Author: Yassandra4
Fandoms: Atlantis
H/C: Toothache, Destruction/Natural Disasters, Nervous Breakdown, Headaches/Migraines (Wild Card)

Title: Chance and Sufferance
Medium: Fic
Wordcount: 7254
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Hercules with toothache is always going to be painful for his friends.
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Author: kanarek13
Fandom: White Collar
Medium: art, gifset
H/C: family, medication, attacked by a creature, surgery, first transformation, pandemics and epidemics, fall from grace, lacerations/knife wounds, assault, side effects, stalkers, electrocution, WILD CARD - car accident, self-harm, sex pollen, kidnapping, forgiveness, learning to be loved, hypoglycemia/low blood sugar, difficult/unexpected pregnancy, apocalypse, deadline/time bomb, corporal punishment, nervous breakdown, eating disorders

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Author: Neva (Nevanna on AO3)
Fandoms: Agent Carter, Dollhouse
H/C: Hugs, nervous breakdown, loss of identity

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[identity profile] irishvampire13.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] irishvampire13
Fandoms: Doctor Who
H/C: Hostile climate, bruises, blackmail, wings, invisibility, motion sickness, loss of powers, nightmares, natural disasters, dungeons, loss of hearing, hospital stay, surgery, loss of job/income, nervous breakdown, forced to rely on enemy/rival, fall from grace, brainwashing/deprogramming, witch hunt, theft, CPR/rescue breathing, accept injury to protect someone, toothache, apocalypse, deadline/time bomb (Wild Card).

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Achievements: Serial Pleasures! achievement; Steadfast achievement.
[identity profile] ivory-angel99.livejournal.com
Author: Ivory_Angel99
Fandoms: Supernatural, Spy (film), From Paris With Love (film)
H/C: Abandonment Issues, Head Trauma, WILD CARD (major illness or injury), Bites, Nervous Breakdown

Fills below the cut )
[identity profile] beesandbrews.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] beesandbrews
Fandoms: Torchwood, BBC Sherlock (Crossover)
H/C: tyranny / rebellion, nightmares, tentacles, learning to be loved, family, sacrifice, fever / delirium, hallucinations, skeletons in the closet, theft, slaves, asphyxiation, WILD CARD: attacked by a creature, falsely imprisoned, nervous breakdown, hugs, unrequited pining, broken bones, invisibility, loss of job / income, insomnia, drugged, therapy, rape / non-con, loss of powers
Fills below the cut )
[identity profile] csichick-2.livejournal.com
Author: csichick_2
Fandoms: Rent, Law & Order, How to Get Away with Murder, Forever, If/Then
H/C: mistaken identity, nervous breakdown, homesickness, on the run, runaways

Fills below the cut )
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[personal profile] sholio
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sholio
Fandoms: White Collar, Marvel Cinematic Universe (Captain America, Agent Carter, Daredevil, Avengers), Invisible Man, Marvel Comics, Engrenages/Spiral
H/C: brainwashing / deprogramming, begging, surgery, skeletons in the closet, arrest, severe / life-threatening illness, lacerations / knife wounds, rape / non-con, falling, family, hallucinations, mutation, wildcard (culture shock), telepathic trauma, hiding an injury / illness, sacrifice, exhaustion, abuse, nervous breakdown, amnesia, heat stroke, cursed, tyranny / rebellion, runaways, tentacles

Fills below the cut )

Mods, I need fandom tags for Invisible Man and Engrenages. (Not sure how that last one should be tagged - it's tiny enough there isn't really a fandom, and it's Spiral in English-speaking countries and Engrenages in the original French. For my own purposes, I've been generally tagging with both - Engrenages/Spiral. But either is good also.)
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author: Azile_teacup
Fandoms: Merlin, Inception, Harry Potter, BBC Atlantis
H/C: Blackmail, exhaustion, nervous breakdown, shipwrecked, minor illness, captivity, counselling, loss of hearing, experiments by evil scientists, on the run, grief, cuddling, wild card (knife wounds), depression, explosion, kidnapping, sensory deprivation, loss of identity, group support, phobias, assault, amnesia, poltergeist, pneumonia

Fills below the cut )
[identity profile] ladyoneill.livejournal.com
Author: ladyoneill
Fandoms: Teen Wolf, Supernatural
H/C: depression; pandemics/epidemics; combat; loss of home/shelter; stalkers; mistaken identity; nervous breakdown; homesickness; on the run; runaways; loss of voice; begging; wild card (atonement); hypothermia; nightmares; estrangement; clones; suicide attempt; drugged; caught in a robbery; culture shock; imprisonment; head trauma; bodyguards; forced to participate in illegal/hurtful activity

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[identity profile] clea2011.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] clea2011
Fandoms: Merlin, Primeval, Atlantis, Relative Values
H/C: Skeletons in the closet, gaslighting, Self-harm, interrogation, theft, witch hunt, homesickness, plane crash, explosion, nervous breakdown, heatstroke, exhaustion, unwanted transformation, unconsciousness, asphyxiation, heart attack/heart trouble, stalkers, broken bones, pandemics and epidemics, difficult/unexpected pregnancy, major illness, hugs, scars, severe/life-threatening illness, loss of vision.

Fills below the cut )
Please could I have a player tag, and a tag for fandom:Primeval, and tags for the prompts gaslighting, witch hunt, heart attack/heart trouble - unless I've just missed any of these?
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Author: Brigdh / [livejournal.com profile] wordsofastory
Fandoms: The Benjamin January mysteries by Barbara Hambly
H/C: Dungeons, hypoglycemia/low blood sugar, nervous breakdown, and homesickness (wild card).

Title: So Many Are the Crossings and the Roads
Medium: fic
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some mild references to violence.
Summary: A Medieval Europe AU, set in the 12th-century Holy Roman Empire. Ben has been captured in battle and imprisoned in a dungeon. If he wants to get back to his home and Ayasha, he'll need to break out, get help, and walk across half of Europe.

Read on LJ
Read on AO3
[identity profile] slytheringurrl.livejournal.com
Author: slytheringurrl
Fandoms: Gossip Girl
H/C: parting ways (wild card), forced soulbonding, fall from grace, and nervous breakdown

Title: Starting Anew
Medium: Fic
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: Chicago and his new life were calling and he was ready to answer the call.
[identity profile] iantojjackh.livejournal.com
Author: [livejournal.com profile] iantojjackh
Fandoms: Doctor Who & Torchwood
H/C prompts : nervous breakdown, shipwrecked, wild card (life-threatening illness), sexual extortion, mistaken identity

Onto the fills )
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In under the wire!

Author: Trojie ( LJ: [livejournal.com profile] agenttrojie, AO3: Trojie)
Fandoms: Supernatural, Inception, X-Men: First Class, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Avengers
H/C hospital stay, head trauma, hallucinations, deadline/time bomb, prostitution, body/mindswap, waterboarding, suicide attempt, depression, sensory deprivation, falling, invisibility, atonement, lost childhood, arrest, nervous breakdown, first transformation, abandonment issues, branding, brainwashing, difficult pregnancy, bodyguards, imprisonment, loss of voice, job-related trauma

Fics under the cut )

Total wordcount (for the Longest Journey achievement): 59,909 words


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