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Author: clea2011
Fandoms: Merlin
H/C: Humiliation – Skeletons in the closet – explosion – blackmail (Wild card)
Title: A Night To Remember
Medium: fic
Rating: PG
Word count: 7627
Warnings: None
Summary: Modern au.
Arthur Pendragon, decorated RAF captain, heir to the throne, university graduate and all-round VIP was sitting in a bingo hall. About to play bingo. It was an ordeal made worse by the obnoxiously cheerful bingo caller.  Arthur was never going to do anything kind for anyone ever again. But you know what they say - No good deed ever goes unpunished.
Huge thanks to eilonwy77 for the last-minute beta.
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] enigmaticblues
Fandoms: Agents of SHIELD, Marvel Cinematic Universe, NCIS, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Eureka, Supernatural, The Sentinel, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
H/C: serial killers, invisibility, WILD CARD (substance addiction), runaways, skeletons in the closet, broken bones, cages, explosion, dystopia

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Author: Tarlan ([livejournal.com profile] tarlanx)
Fandoms: Blade Trinity, Blood Ties, Centurion, Century Hotel, Dead Men Can't Dance, Eureka, Ferocious Planet, Haven, Jade, Morlocks, Navy SEALs, Rage of Yeti, Riddick (Movies), Stargate Atlantis, Warehouse 13
H/C: apocalypse, backrubs/massages, brainwashing/deprogramming, combat, corporal punishment, CPR/rescue breathing, depression, explosion, fever/delirium, first transformation, grief, homesickness, hostages, job-related trauma, kidnapping, loss of job/income, moving, mutation, pneumonia, possession/mind control, prostitution, septicemia/infected wounds, skeletons in the closet, toothache, unconsciousness

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author: Azile_teacup
Fandoms: Merlin, Inception, Harry Potter, BBC Atlantis
H/C: Blackmail, exhaustion, nervous breakdown, shipwrecked, minor illness, captivity, counselling, loss of hearing, experiments by evil scientists, on the run, grief, cuddling, wild card (knife wounds), depression, explosion, kidnapping, sensory deprivation, loss of identity, group support, phobias, assault, amnesia, poltergeist, pneumonia

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] clea2011
Fandoms: Merlin, Primeval, Atlantis, Relative Values
H/C: Skeletons in the closet, gaslighting, Self-harm, interrogation, theft, witch hunt, homesickness, plane crash, explosion, nervous breakdown, heatstroke, exhaustion, unwanted transformation, unconsciousness, asphyxiation, heart attack/heart trouble, stalkers, broken bones, pandemics and epidemics, difficult/unexpected pregnancy, major illness, hugs, scars, severe/life-threatening illness, loss of vision.

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Please could I have a player tag, and a tag for fandom:Primeval, and tags for the prompts gaslighting, witch hunt, heart attack/heart trouble - unless I've just missed any of these?
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Author: RadioPigeons (Carbon65)

Fandoms: Graceland

H/C: Hypoglycemia/Low Blood Sugar, Stranded/Survival Situation; Minor Illness; Explosions; Fighting

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] enigmaticblue
Fandoms: Marvel: Movies, Supernatural, The Sentinel, Angel, Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
H/C: accidents, secret identity discovered, humiliation, loss of job/income, archaic medical treatment, homesickness, bodyguards, explosion, substance addiction, poltergeist, abandonment issues, unconsciousness, loss of hearing, possession/mind control, natural disasters, lacerations/knife wounds

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] darth_firefly
Fandom: Supernatural
HC Prompts: family, depression,suicide attempt, explosion,food poisoning,therapy,robots / androids, substance addiction, taking care of somebody, insomnia,mistaken identity, hostages, lost childhood, kidnapping, head trauma, crucifixion, extortion, isolation, insecurity, forced to hurt somebody, abuse, pandemics and epidemics, hypoglycemia / low blood sugar,nausea, orphans
Warnings: Mentions of child abuse (mental, physical and sexual), child abuse, mentions of animal abuse, suicide attempt, religion

Achievements: Tune In Achievement, Steadfast Achievement

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Author: Timelordshines
Fandoms: Torchwood
H/C: Therapy, Suicide Attempt, Deprogramming, Explosion, Forced to Participate in Illegal/Hurtful Activity, Fighting, Major Illness, Bullet Wounds, Loss of Possessions, Experiments by Evil Scientists, Combat, Dystopia, Wild Card - Telepathic Trauma, Archaic Medical Treatment, Bruises, Hypothermia, Stalkers, Extortion, Whipping/Flogging, Hostages, Amnesia, Love Spell/Potion Gone Wrong, Pneumonia, Alien Abduction, Bodyguards

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Author: rinkafic
 Stargate Atlantis,   Full Metal Alchemist,   Firefly,   Farscape,   Star Trek TOS,   Harry Potter,   Xena, Dogma,   Marvel Movies,   Stargate Universe
H/C:  Job-Related Trauma,  Suicide Attempt,  Surgery,  Loss of limb/limb function,  Homesickness,  Apocalypse,  Love spell/potion gone wrong,  Phobias,  Asphyxiation,  Hallucinations,  Possession/mind control,  Theft,  Cuddling,  Orphans,  Accident,  Wings,  Fall from grace,  Atonement,  Sex pollen,  Planet destruction,  Bullet wounds,  Headaches/migraines,  Panic attacks,  trust issues,  Fire,  Sacrifice,  Forced to hurt someone,  Explosion,  Restrained

Live Journal keeps eating part of this post, the clean copy is on my Dreamwidth journal.

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Author: Rinkafic
Fandoms: Original Fiction
H/C: torture, pandemics & epidemics, forced to hurt someone, disappearing, sacrifice, trust issues, headaches and migraines, eating disorders, panic attacks, caught in a robbery, loss of identity, natural disasters, taking care of somebody, whipping/flogging, tyranny/rebellion, fire, restrained, asphyxiation, explosion, phobias, dungeons, invisibility, blackmail, loss of voice, hostages

Card is here
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] inmh
Fandoms: The Vampire Diaries, Smallville, 50/50, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, Naruto, Speak, Longmire, Thor (2011), Silent Hill
H/C: Amnesia, Captivity, Homesickness, Minor Illness, Unwanted Transformation, Blood Loss, Experiments by Evil Scientists, Falsely Imprisoned, Ostracized from Society, Torture, Moving, Explosion, Wild Card, Natural Disasters, Secret Identity Discovered, Sensory Deprivation, Hazing, Falling from Grace, Bites, Pandemics and Epidemics, Rape/Non-Con, Broken Bones, Severe/Life-Threatening Illness, Undeserved Reputation, Depression

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Author: whitchry9
Fandoms: Sherlock (BBC)
H/C: orphans, moving, substance addiction, poisoning, explosion

I'm terrible at this, so feel free to tell me where I have erred and/or help me out.

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] sarkywoman
Fandoms: Community, Marvel, Supernatural
H/C: loss of home, fall from grace, atonement, explosion, hospital stay

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Would it be possible to have a fandom tag for Community please? :)
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Author: Rinkafic
Fandoms: Star Wars, Stargate Atlantis, Doctor Who, Andy Griffith Show, Battle of the Planets, Firefly, Original Fiction
H/C: torture, pandemics & epidemics, forced to hurt someone, disappearing, sacrifice, trust issues, headaches and migraines, eating disorders, panic attacks, caught in a robbery, loss of identity, natural disasters, taking care of somebody, whipping/flogging, tyranny/rebellion, fire, restrained, asphyxiation, explosion, phobias, dungeons, invisibility, blackmail, loss of voice, hostages

Card is here
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Author: dmk0064 aka winterstar
Fandoms: White Collar
H/C: first transformation, explosion, skeletons in the closet and for the wild card I picked scars

Title: No Sin, Undone
Medium: fanfic
Rating: PG13
Warnings: disturbing images
Summary: Peter and Neal are caught in an explosion and Neal must reveal a secret to save him. This has elements of fantasy in it. AU

No Sin, Undone
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Author: Morrezela
Fandoms: Supernatural and Supernatural RPF
H/C: Hazing, homesickness, taking care of somebody, trapped between realities, drowning, broken bones, wild card (ostracizement from society), nausea, food poisoning, accidental mating for life, explosion, planet destruction, cages, de-age, torture, attacked by a creature, cuddling, forced to rely on enemy/rival, mindswap, learning to be loved, body image issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, captivity, arrest, brainwashing

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] zuben_eschamali
Fandoms: Supernatural, CWRPS
H/C: Bruises, Explosion, Forced to rely on enemy/rival, Job-related trauma, Fall from grace, First transformation, Cursed, Fire, Panic attacks, Wild card (mistaken identity), Insomnia, Accidental mating for life, Pneumonia, Mutation, Serial killers, Abuse, Exhaustion, Hazing, Making deals with demons, Dungeons, Experiments by evil scientists, Loss of home/shelter, Electrocution, Sex pollen, Possession/mind control

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